Nicholas Chen

UC Davis student studying Computer Science, Economics and Philosophy

UC Plasma Cohort member




Web Dev

My skills: React.JS (+router/redux), Node.JS, HTML5/CSS3/Javascript(ES6), AWS(Cognito), Python

Projects of interest

Breadhaiku: A simple web app about haikus and bread. Made with React and Node, deployed on AWS.

QuizletRPG: Made at SacHacks 2018. A gamified RPG shell for Quizlet, won 1st place in category.

Game Dev

My skills: Unity, C#, GDevelop, Pixi.js

You can find my page here.

Projects of interest

The Hanging Gardens: A short game where you explore the ruins of a fallen titan. Made with Unity; available on the iOS App Store, Windows, and Mac

Machine Gods: A platformer game about fighting an army of hostile robots. Available on Windows and Web.

I draw all the art for my games. You can find more of my art on my Instagram.